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project: look who's walking, children book illustration for cloud book publishing bangkok thailand
project: prince jakab and the dragon of thundebolts, children book illustration for satapornbooks
project: rayas azules children book illustration for sant joan de déu 2102 award winning story, wrote by eva hibernia, published by la galera, spain
project: bangkok kids, baby swimming class in bangkok, thailand
project: the turtle that wanted to cross the desert, book published by editorial bambú, barcelona
project: asian stuffs in spanish words ©NilobonKijkrailas
project: in-store posters for kid spring fashion 2010©NilobonKijkrailas
project: happy dragon year 2012
project: happy bunny year 2011
project: greeting card 2010, the year of tiger©NilobonKijkrailas
project: a ticket back to the childhood, cover and inside book illustration for nanmee books, thailand
project: packaging, bags and business cards for bon zoo, an animal paper mache store©NilobonKijkrailas
project: paper cutting, más vale pájaro en mano que ciento volando©NilobonKijkrailas
project: book illustration for siam ocean world aquarium
project: 3rd prize poster competition “prevention, a secured value” for international safety & healthy at work day, 2010 by government of catalan and official selected by government of catalan for poster and website to promote international safety & healthy at work day, 2011
project: a place i found in barcelona, a report illustration©NilobonKijkrailas
project: editorial illustration for sue chum chon magazine by ptt thailand
project: book cover: life lines©NilobonKijkrailas
project: toy packaging©NilobonKijkrailas
project: working for vacation, cibo matto©NilobonKijkrailas
project: color and feeling©NilobonKijkrailas
project: illustration for a column “llega el e-reader” in qué leer magazine, spain©NilobonKijkrailas
project: canada day t-shirt, i love poutine, z is for zamboni©NilobonKijkrailas
project: tadeo's birthday card©NilobonKijkrailas
project: fine's new year gift 2009; firm: fine design group; role: illustrator/lead designer©NilobonKijkrailas
project: fine design group, children books; firm: fine design group; role: illustrator/lead designer©NilobonKijkrailas
project: animation for coming soon©NilobonKijkrailas
project: e is a n elephant, from children book's illustration class©NilobonKijkrailas
project: montevina winery website; firm: fine design group; role: illustrator©NilobonKijkrailas
project: personal works©NilobonKijkrailas